The foosball table is killing your start-up

Start-ups are very popular but what are they exactly? The best way to describe a start-up is with two words – young and founders. Start-ups are young companies in their beginnings. Most of them don’t have their own money but they are financed by a group of founders who are investing in it. It is not uncommon to see a start-up without an actual product. The majority of start-ups are just an idea which needs developing. The only problem with start-ups is that they have to begin from the scratch. They have made a survey, they have tested the market and they believe that their idea has a public. The most important word in the last sentence is “believe”. 

What a foosball table has to do with the start-up?

When owners of the project start developing, they begin with recruiting the best people for the team. Most of them love the idea of an ideal office filled with games and modern design so they use that idea to bring people to them. Now, that is the first mistake in every start-up. Start-ups are all about the believers in the project because believers will give 150% and not a percentage less.
What people don’t realize that start-ups are a struggle in the world of giants. That is why you have to be careful when you are picking the team. One person may be an expert in his field, but that doesn’t mean he will be the best for the job on your team.
Now, how on earth can you connect start-up and foosball table? Extremely easy. In the last decade, Google has opened its door to the best office in the world. That office is a combination of work and play. People there can play foosball, eat as much as they like, take a nap and other unconventional work stuff. That makes Google a role model for young companies all over the world.

Google has the perfect workspace

Every company wants to be like Google and they start designing their offices like Google. What they don’t understand is the fact that they aren’t in the same phase like Google. Google can have sleeping pods, foosball table, slides etc because people want to work in Google and they will do their best to stay there, no matter the office design.
Start-up companies can attract wrong people with “shiny objects” which can tell the future worker. “Work here; this is a great and stable company where you will be satisfied”. But, most start-ups aren’t that. They can become that in the future but to make it happen people behind the company name have to make sacrifices. They will have to stay longer hours, work on the weekends, and have a small paycheck etc. Working on a start-up is far from ideal, but it can transform into the ideal workplace with the effort of the believers.

Wrong people at the wrong place

Workers who come in your company because of the foosball table or modern office are in the wrong place. If you have a team completely made from those people, your start-up will fail. You have to find people who believe, just like you, so you can together develop a company where a foosball table or modern design will only be a perk and not the reason to work there. Don’t use a foosball table as the attraction tool; use it as a reward for your people. That way, the foosball table won’t kill your start-up.

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The post is written by Mark a blogger and a fierce foosball fan. He writes a blog about foosball to show to the people that foosball is one of the most entertaining game tables ever. He loves to share his knowledge about foosball and he does that by writing about foosball on Foosball Zone.

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