Xero’s coworking space attracts world class fintechs

Xero’s coworking space attracts world class fintechs

Tuesday, 20 November 2018, 8:32 am
Press Release: Xero

Xero’s coworking space, Rewired, attracts world
class fintechs

Revolut, GoCardless and Futrli
have been named the first tenants, providing new and
exciting services to Kiwi businesses


Auckland, 20 November, 2018 –
Xero, the global small business
platform, today announced the first tenants for Rewired – a coworking space in Te Ara
Turoa, Xero’s Auckland office in Parnell. These include UK
digital bank, Revolut, payment platform, GoCardless and business analysis
company, Futrli – all of which are looking to
launch into the New Zealand market.

Rewired is a
community of tech businesses with big ambitions. Nestled
inside Xero’s Auckland office in Parnell, Rewired has
permanent, flexi and casual plans available to suit all
needs. It can also be used as an event and meeting space,
with a dedicated onsite community manager.

Buisson, Small Business Director at Xero says the goal is to
drive innovation and create a community of the world’s
brightest thinkers in fintech, SaaS and the small business

“Xero started life as a Kiwi startup and has
gone through some tremendous growth. Now we are entering our
teenage years it’s exciting to be in a position to give
back to NZ Inc. by bringing companies who are offering new
and exciting services to small businesses, to our shores.
Rewired is a home for small businesses with global ambition,
as well as international tech focused startups who want to
expand in New Zealand. I’m thrilled we are able to support
and bring together people who are creating the future.”

“Having these three international fintechs on board is
a true testament to the opportunities in New Zealand, as
well as the potential of the Kiwi market. We are also
excited to hear the enthusiasm each company has for
supporting and encouraging other NZ fintechs in this space.
There is a lot we can learn from the global

According to Will Manon-Heap, International
Expansion Manager at Revolut, the fintech chose Rewired
because they could see it becoming the flagship fintech
space in New Zealand.

“Revolut is Europe’s most
successful fintech right now and it’s important to us that
when we enter new markets, we base ourselves right in the
heart of that country’s fintech ecosystem. We also work with
Xero in multiple markets, so it’s great to be associated
with Xero in the place it all started – New

Rachel Astall, Head of Global Small Business
Partnerships at GoCardless says, “We’re delighted to be
joining the Xero team and our app ecosystem partners Revolut
and Futrli in this new shared workspace. Our global
partnership with Xero has gone from strength to strength
this year – sitting alongside each other here will help us
to stay aligned in our mission to solve late payment
problems for small businesses, in New Zealand and

Kate Freeman, Global VP of Marketing at Futrli
says the company is thrilled to be a part of Rewired.

are fortunate to have been working with Xero for a several
years now and can see this is going to be the beginning of
something great. The success of our latest funding round has
enabled us to invest further into platform development and
innovation, and commit to market expansion. We have just
hired our first NZ employee who will be based in Rewired.
It’s hugely exciting to be expanding into the NZ market, and
we look forward to doing it alongside Xero and the broader
ecosystem community.”

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Originally Published on November 19, 2018 at 10:08AM

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