PropTech Continues To Solve Common Real Estate Woes



A report by Re:Tech has found that venture capital investment into real estate technology grew to 12.6 billion in 2017 and is showing no signs of slowing. As technology continues to flood the real estate industry, there are many challenges that proptech companies have solved for, not only consumers, but agents as well. Managing tenants has become much easier thanks to proptech.

It allows agents to reach out to new clients and makes it easier for landlords to manage their customers once they are tenants. Proptech, such as Fixflo, also makes it possible for residents to easily send in and schedule a repair request. Proptech makes it easy to find the perfect coworking space through networks such as LiquidSpace which is an online marketplace that allows property owners to list workspaces for rent.

In addition to this, agents can use virtual and augmented reality to show tenants and buyers certain properties across the world with ease.