How VR and AR Could Change The Workplace Landscape



Technology has become a staple in most workplaces and remote workers are seeing great use for numerous types of software tools – particularly virtual and augmented reality.

Using VR and AR has broken down the walls of what is expected of professionals in terms of physical presence, particularly in the engineering and manufacturing industries. Not only does this technology allow for easy communication, but it provides a means for creating shared experiences, perceptions, and mindsets among colleagues.

Gleb Braverman, the CEO of Watty Technologies, said that VR/AR provides teams true visualization and interactions with projects. Now, demand for VR/AR collaborative software is growing and numerous companies that offer such technology are growing as well.

Still, VR implementation in the workplace is in the early adoption stages, but this technology has the power to provide employees with a sense of shared purpose and culture in the workplace, which can boost productivity. “For online businesses that have employees across the nation, VR helps all employees and/or contractors feel more connected to the team during meetings,” said Chad Felix, a VR expert and CEO of SocialSteeze.