Creating Psychologically Safe Workplaces: A Q&A With Camille Wilson, Founder of Grow Together Now



Is a social startup that’s focused on changing how companies address mental health in the workplace by creating and implementing initiatives that promote psychologically safe environments. Space talked with Wilson about what psychologically safe workplaces are, the importance of creating these safe environments, and the different ways in which companies can begin to create psychologically safe workplaces.

Grow Together Now is a social startup that is dedicated to changing the way we see mental health in workplaces and within our community. In my studies, it came to my attention that workplaces were in fact one of the biggest triggers that can make or break a mental health disorder so, instead of pursuing a clinical career to help people once they’ve reached the doctor’s office, I instead wanted to play a preventative role to avoid people getting there in the first place by becoming a human resources professional.

Space: Psychological safety, to a certain extent then, means creating spaces where people are comfortable to speak about mental health issues and their feelings. In addition to this, I think companies address mental health by focusing on the “Positive” and “Fun” side of mental health. A combination of factors impact our mental health, but one can’t deny that the workplace is a significant contributor to mental and physical health.